Benefits of Diode Laser on Hair Growth

Have you seen or heard about the “space helmet” that emits red laser light? Put it on your head and hair magically grows out? Although this sounds more like something that comes from a movie, we actually have such a thing in the real world. Introducing Hair Bang!

What is a Hair Bang?

It combines 3 different wavelengths of the diode laser to create a stimulating effect, resulting in healthier hair growth and better scalp care. This unique “space helmet” design enables the absorption of laser light by hair follicles more effectively.

Benefits of The Diode Laser

The benefits of using diode laser or similar low-level laser therapy includes reducing hair loss, stimulating hair growth, promote nourishment of hair follicles and many more. The effects of our Herbal Hair Remedies are further enhanced when we combine the use of this laser light technology. Hence, most of our hair loss treatments incorporate this as the final step.

Functions of Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy, or also referred to as red light therapy, irradiates photos into the scalp tissues. These photos are then absorbed by weak cells to encourage hair growth. This would invigorate circulation and provide enough stimulation to the hair follicles to grow new hair.

Comparison with Traditional Remedies

As compared to traditional remedies, laser light therapy are non-invasive and painless procedure. It has no side effects too and yields better and visible results such as increased strength of the hair.

Case Studies

Most of the users can feel or see the effect when they start to use this therapy on a daily basis. Clinical research of Peking University Hospital and Kyungpook Natiional University Hospital has test in two groups of male and female hair-loss patients. The results were very positive for the group who used the laser light therapy for 18 minutes every day for 24 weeks as compared to the other group which did not.

With the laser treatment of Hair Bang, you don’t have to worry about hair loss anymore. Whether you are facing any hair loss issues or are looking to maintain your gorgeous head of hair, it is a must to have this as your stay home hair care kit.

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Let’s stay safe, stay healthy and have our healthy hair as well during this period!