• 18 October 2022


Hair and Scalp Care


Introduction to Trichology

Vol 1: Trichology

Ever wonder what is Trichology and what does a Trichologist do?

Vol 2: European Herbal Hair Remedy

Find out more about the benefits and type of herbs used in our treatments.

Vol 3: Hair Fall (Stage 1)

How would you know if you are losing more hair than you should?

Vol 4: Hair Thinning (Stage 2)

What can you do to regain hair growth?

Vol 5: Hair Loss (Stage 3)

What are the common causes of hair loss?

Vol 6: Hair Ageing

Don’t let your hair age faster than you!

Vol 7: Q&A

Our Trichologist answers some hair related questions for you.

Vol 8: Myth or Fact

If you pluck one grey hair, two will grow in its place. Myth or fact?

Award-Winning Scalp Purifying Therapy

FREE ScalpBoost Ampoule(used during treatment), Hair Bath (Shampoo)(50ml), CompleteKare Mask (Conditioner)(50ml)

$59.90 Nett

(U.P. $755)

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    *Individual results may vary. There is no scientific proof that any product (except certain registered medicinal products) or service can retard hair loss or promote hair growth.

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