“After the treatment, I could see visible and immediate results – reduced redness, no more flakes and dandruff!”

“After just one session, the excess sebum was completely removed and my scalp feels super clean now! I was amazed at how the results are so immediate and EFFECTIVE!”

“They helped me unclogged my hair follicles so that new hair can grow out, and my scalp had a healthy and hydrated shine! Yay to healthier hair!”

“After the treatment (specially customised based on my current hair and scalp conditions), my scalp definitely feels much healthier! A healthy scalp means healthy hair!”

“After the treatment, my scalp felt so much cleaner & lighter and the results were evident in my bouncy, shinier hair too!”

“I enjoyed the entire session and my scalp looks so clean and healthy after the TriOxy treatment – which not only exfoliates the scalp, but soothes, rejuvenates, and stimulate blood circulation!”

“My scalp definitely felt cleaner and healthier after the treatment!”

“The Trichologist/Consultant even gave me some hair care tips like never sleep with wet hair etc., and I’ve been seeing the results of better hair and scalp care since then.”

“My hair is still at its best and I am able to stay confidence on screen or even with friends! Thank you once again TrichoKare.”

“My scalp is clean after just one treatment & I love how minty fresh it feels afterwards!”