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Post-partum Hair Loss
jaz lee


“My scalp and hair were indulgeddddd in the full customised Trichokare treatment which included a scalp detox, removing impurities + excess sebum, restoration of sebum balance, improvement of scalp’s cell metabolism and blood circulation.”

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jaz lee


“As y’all know i bleach my roots pretty often so it’s only right to treat them to a good time once in a while. it cleared my scalp of flakes, unclogged the pores but the bEST part is the massage wah let me tell u damn shiok.”

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jaz lee

Aakarshana Saravanan

“TrichoKare’s treatment was also a reminder for me to treat my scalp with proper care, as we tend to forget that scalp is the foundation of our hair growth.”

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jaz lee


“It targeted my problem area (my crown) & introduced nutrients to the pores on my head to facilitate hair growth.”

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jaz lee

Jaz Lee

“After the treatment, my scalp is visibly cleaner and way fewer clogged follicles. And my scalp felt fresh too! I suggest you guys give it a try too!”

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mei xin macy

Mei Xin, Macy

“The entire treatment is so relaxing and absolutely what I needed! My scalp feels revitalized immediately and my whole head definitely feels a whole load lighter!”

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Anand Karapaya

“The treatment enabled the clogged pores of my scalp to be cleared, leaving it cleaned and healthier!”

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jamie teo

Jamie Teo

“I like it when my hair feels nice and silky, but I love it when my scalp feels clean and does not itch or peel (ie: “snow”)!”

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Eswari Gunasagar

“Being exposed to common stress, I felt this would be important for me to maintain my hair.”

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joakim gomez

Joakim Gomez

“The TriOxy treatment was customised just for me and the laser light technology helps to support hair regeneration and accelerate healing.”

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sophie willocq

Sophie Willocq

“My scalp is clean after just one treatment & I love how minty fresh it feels afterwards!”

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jay nesh

Jay Nesh

“My hair is still at its best and I am able to stay confidence on screen or even with friends! Thank you once again TrichoKare.”

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denise soong

Denise Soong

“The Trichologist/Consultant even gave me some hair care tips like never sleep with wet hair etc., and I’ve been seeing the results of better hair and scalp care since then.”

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jamie pang

Jamie Pang

“My scalp definitely felt cleaner and healthier after the treatment!”

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jamie tan

Jamie Tan

“I enjoyed the entire session and my scalp looks so clean and healthy after the TriOxy treatment – which not only exfoliates the scalp, but soothes, rejuvenates, and stimulate blood circulation!”

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jessica loh

Jessica Loh

“After the treatment, my scalp felt so much cleaner & lighter and the results were evident in my bouncy, shinier hair too!”

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joanna lim

Joanna Lim

“After the treatment (specially customised based on my current hair and scalp conditions), my scalp definitely feels much healthier! A healthy scalp means healthy hair!”

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julynn lau

Julynn Lau

“They helped me unclogged my hair follicles so that new hair can grow out, and my scalp had a healthy and hydrated shine! Yay to healthier hair!”

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kelvin ang

Kelvin Ang

“After just one session, the excess sebum was completely removed and my scalp feels super clean now! I was amazed at how the results are so immediate and EFFECTIVE!”

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novita lam

Novita Lam

“After the treatment, I could see visible and immediate results – reduced redness, no more flakes and dandruff!”

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