7 Ways to Prevent Split Ends

Unfortunately, you can’t fix your split ends once they’ve frayed. However, there are some ways to disguise split ends and even prevent them. The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. You can take care of your hair and prevent splits from occurring in the first place but before that, we have to first understand the causes of split ends.

What Causes Split Ends?

A split end is when your hair splinters due to damage to the oldest part of the hair shaft. The longer you grow your hair, the older the ends are, the higher chance of having split ends.

The hair cuticle, which is the outer protective sheath of the hair’s shaft, will eventually wear off over a period of time. This process is further sped up by heat styling, chemical treatments, exposure to extreme weathers, and more. Damages to the cuticle leave the inner layer of hair exposed, making our hair weaker, dehydrated and more prone to split ends.

If left untreated, split ends may lead to breakage. This is when the hair breaks at a point that causes the strand to be significantly shorter.

How To Get Rid Of Split Ends?

The fact is split ends can’t be repaired. Once split, there’s nothing we can do to bring the pieces back together again. The only way to get rid of them is to cut them off. Attempting to pick at your split ends makes them worse. Never try to pick, peel, rip, or tear in order to avoid hair trims!

If you’re trying to grow your hair out, you can’t avoid your hairstylist. Try asking for hair dusting, which is a technique that removes split ends without sacrificing length.

How To Prevent Split Ends?

Simple and good hair habits can go a long way. Yes, it might be difficult to prevent split ends, but it is not impossible. Here are 7 ways to reduce the frequency and severity of split ends:

1. Get Regular Haircuts and Trims

Despite how well you look after your hair, the everyday combing and washing will still cause some wear and tear. Always keep a lookout and do regular check for split ends. Ignoring them is never a good idea, as it could potentially get worse and travel all the way up to the root. It is necessary to go for a trim at some point of time to keep your split ends under control. With proper care, you can stretch trips to your hairstylist to every 8 – 12 weeks.

2. Choose Chemical-Free Shampoos

Always opt for shampoos that does not contain any harsh ingredients. When your hair gets wet during shampooing, it is very fragile and susceptible for splits to occur. Shampoos with harsh ingredients will further damage your hair instead. In order to reduce the damage, switch to chemical-free shampoos that are paragon free and silicone free. Use shampoos that contain ingredients such as argon oil, rosemary, lavender or chamomile that nourishes your hair and help restore its moisture balance. You can also look at our selection of shampoos that are customised for certain hair and scalp types.

3. Dry Your Hair Gently

Wet hair is very fragile and vulnerable to damage. You have to treat it with the utmost care. Vigorously rubbing your hair dry with a towel creates tangles and twists in many unnatural directions that might cause breakage and split ends. Try gently dabbing the dripping hair with a towel to get rid of the excess water instead. You can also wrap your hair in a soft cotton towel and leave it on for 5-10 minutes, before letting it dry naturally.

4. Brush Your Hair Gently with a Wooden Comb

It is recommended to detangle your wet hair with a wide-tooth wooden comb. Avoid tugging it down your hair from the root to the tip and also avoid combing until your hair is almost dry. Start at the ends before gently working your way up. The whole process should be quiet or even silent. If you’re hearing sounds when brushing, it is a sign that you’re using too much force! When you encounter a tangle, stop and untangle gently with your comb or fingers and then proceed.

5. Reduce Use of Heat

Heat styling with blow dryers, flat-iron, and curlers can be bad for your hair. When your hair is exposed to heat, it loses its natural moisture and becomes dry, rough and brittle. Constant use can cause prolonged damage to your hair and result in split ends too. If need to, always use a heat- protective hair serum like our Protein Hydra Mist or minimize the use of heat. There are a lot of alternate ways out there that allows you to style your hair without heat.

6. Protect Your Hair

You must check with your Trichologist before getting any chemical treatments done that may cause harm to your hair. Limit services such as colouring, rebonding and chemical straightening. Long term exposure to hot sun may damage your hair too, leaving it dry and brittle, and more prone to breakage as well as split ends. You can wear a scarf, a hat or an umbrella if you’re going outdoors. This will lock the moisture of your hair and protect it from the harsh weathers.

7. Moisturise and Go for Regular Hair Maintenance

To protect your hair from regular wear and tear, be sure to use a conditioner after shampooing or use a leave-in conditioner/mask. Take a little amount and rub it between your palms before applying to damp or dray hair. Remember to focus on the ends and smooth down frizzes so that your hair looks shiny and beautiful. You can also book an appointment with us and visit our outlet for a hair and scalp treatment customised based on your hair and scalp conditions.