TK TrichoKare is the Most Trusted Trichological Centre in Singapore that provides customised European herbal hair remedies validated by certified Trichologists. With 12 years of experience in providing targeted hair solutions, TrichoKare has developed Hair Fall Prevention System that works as a hair and scalp reconstructor for both men and women. The complete system is designed to boost hair growth, prevent hair fall and hair loss.

Tested and proven effective by European herbalists over the centuries to solve the root problem of your hair and scalp.
Due to the delicacy, they are suitable for both adults and children:
Provides Tricho-Scan and Tricho-Analysis that give detailed diagnose of Hair & scalp Problems.
Treatments devised from a broad array of natural plant extracts to stimulate hair follicles and prevent hair problems from returning.
Provides expertise advice on Healthier Lifestyle and Hair Tips to reduce hair loss and reveal healthier hair.


Deeply cleanse and nourish scalp
Remove skin impurities and particles
Regulate scalp sebum production to protect scalp
Stimulate blood circulation and promote cell metabolism
Promote oxygen, blood and rich nutrients to the hair follicles
Repair damaged and dormant hair follicles
Revitalize hair with European botanical extracts that help
to strengthen hair shaft and follicles
Promote cell growth which helps stimulate new hair growth

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