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9 Tips to Grow Your Hair Faster

Are you wondering if there’s anything you can do to make your hair grow faster? If using any products help? Can specific diets or food speed up growth? How about medications or treatments? In this article, we’ll help answer those questions. Let’s take a closer look at what affects hair growth and then share with you on some tips on how you can improve the growth of your hair. Hair growth has three stages – anagen, catagen, and telogen. Each hair strand has its stage of development. The anagen stage is the active growth stage, and [...]

Natural Active Extracts to Improve Your Hair and Scalp Problems

TK TrichoKare uses Premium European Herbal Hair Remedies in our treatments and products to address the hair roots problems like hair loss, hair fall, greasy scalp, dandruff etc. By leveraging on the healing abilities of natural premium European herbs extract, it helps to promote hair growth and strengthen the immunity against any hair and scalp problems. But how much do you know about the type of herbs extract we are using? Here are some natural active extracts that can be found in our treatments & products: Chicory Flower A plant with roots and [...]

9 Ways to Manage Oily Hair

No one likes the feeling of oily hair or scalp. People who have oily skin are usually prone to having a greasy scalp, with the possibility of scalp acne and pimples. Oily scalp is when overactive sebaceous glands produce excess oil. This excess oil attracts dirt and germs, which causes the scalp to itch. Oily scalp is hereditary due to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which can be reduced, but not eliminated. Poor hygiene and environmental factors like hot weather, humidity and pollution can contribute to an oily scalp as well. However, you would also want to avoid [...]

8 Tips to Take Care of Coloured Hair

Colouring your hair can be exhilarating. However, there are also times when we decide not to as we fear the damage that colouring might cause. Any sort of chemical treatment that changes your hair’s colour or structure is likely to cause damage and even hair loss. Wondering if you can dye your hair with the latest trend while still keeping your hair healthy? Check out 8 important hair care tips you will need for maintaining coloured hair. 1. Protect Your Scalp Always do a deep cleansing scalp treatment right after the colouring session. [...]

7 Ways to Prevent Split Ends

Unfortunately, you can’t fix your split ends once they’ve frayed. However, there are some ways to disguise split ends and even prevent them. The only way to get rid of split ends is to cut them off. You can take care of your hair and prevent splits from occurring in the first place but before that, we have to first understand the causes of split ends. What Causes Split Ends? A split end is when your hair splinters due to damage to the oldest part of the hair shaft. The longer you grow [...]

6 Reasons for Itchy Scalp and How to Relieve It

It can be frustrating when you are literally scratching your head over why your scalp itches. Pinpointing the exact cause can be difficult but to stop the itch, we have to start with knowing why. Here are some common causes for an itchy scalp and what you should do for relief. 1. Using The Wrong Shampoo Not all shampoos are the same. Some contain chemicals that are too harsh, damaging the roots or the follicles of your hair strands. This results in an itchy scalp, or even whitish pimples that can develop into [...]

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