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How Much Do You Know About Post-Partum Hair Loss?

Common Questions Raised By Women After Giving Birth Women are always looking forward to finally meeting their little ones as the due date comes near. And often women tend to neglect their hair and are unaware about losing their thick, shiny locks of hair after pregnancy. Usually more than 80% of the women experience a lot of hair fall after 3 months of delivery. This is what we call as post-partum hair loss. Below are some of the common questions that were asked by women after they face post-partum hair loss issues. How Hormones [...]

Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Every woman would have experienced hair loss at some point in their lives. Sometimes, this could mean a serious underlying condition. Identifying the cause of your hair loss could help determine the right treatment options. Have you ever wondered what the major causes of hair loss in women are? You may identify with some of those. If you also are experiencing some of the symptoms we have highlighted, you might need to visit a Trichologist. How Common Is It? Hair loss is a common issue in women. Emotional distress causes the most severe type of [...]

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