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The Power of Herbs: Almost Magical

Herbalism is the oldest known method of healing — used to some degree by all ancient cultures. In the earlier days, many considered herbs to be magical as they were marvelled by how a sprig of Rosemary can revive and restore a head full of hair.

Through the study of these plants and the empowerment of nature’s healing powers, herbs can regenerate, restore and even revive your body to the optimal and natural state.

The Roots of Western Herbology

One of the earliest herbalists to note the effects of useful plants and document them was Theophrastus (380-287 B.C), also hailed as the Father of Botany.

He created a massive book of herbal lore in Materia Medica. Being the first-ever collection of the beneficial effects of useful herbs, and their preparation, this ancient text is still referred to by modern-day herbalists.

Nature’s Beauty for Thicker, Fuller Hair

The earliest documented use of Herbology and aromatherapy for beautifying purposes dated back in biblical times.

When the Persian King Xerxes I was selecting his future queen, by royal tradition, the selected candidates relished in a year of luxurious palace treatments. With the emphasis on the beauty of hair, they indulged in spa-like treatments prepared with aromatic herbs, like myrrh and marjoram, and essential oils of rose and jojoba. These ladies with the head-turning locks were destined for the seat of power – truly a beauty queen.

Herbology: The Beauty of the Avalon and Beyond

Herbology experienced a phoenix revival in medieval times. With the development of trade between empires and kingdoms, different herbs, that were once deemed too expensive, became accessible for beauty aids. Perfumed hair-oils made from the extract of lavender and roses were widespread not just for their charming scent, but also for their herbal benefits. Such ideals of beauty accompanied by the alluring smell of herbs were the main inspirations for Malory’s Genevieve, Shakespeare’s Juliet and Dante’s Beatrice.

What Time Steals; Let Nature Heals

The philosophy is about carefully analysing and dealing with underlying reasons for hair problems before recommending the appropriate treatment. TrichoKare address the hair roots problems and leverage on the healing abilities of natural European herbs to promote hair growth and strengthen the immunity against hair and scalp problems.

Do You Know?

  1. To stimulate hair growth, the Egyptians extracted the resin from Fire trees and made it into an infusion before massaging into the scalp.
  2. Ancient Africans steeped flowers and avocado leaves in olive oil to make healing infusions to treat scalp problems,
  3. In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates taught that a mixture of nettles, horseradish and cumin is beneficial and should be applied to the scalp to cure hair loss.

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