tk trichokare outlet

Established in 2004, TK TrichoKare (pronounced as Try-ko-care) is the first and leading Trichological Centre that provides customised European Herbal Hair Remedies, validated by certified Trichologists, and products formulated by professional herbalists.

Founder of TrichoKare and Head Trichologist, Ms Raynell Zhang, strives to elevate professionalism in the hair and scalp care industry and solve all kinds of hair and scalp problems. Raynell is also the founding president of the Singapore’s International Society of Trichology since its inception in 2010.

As a local pioneer in the field with years of experience, Raynell started a chain of specialised hair & scalp care centre under the TK TrichoKare brand. Today, the multi-award-winning brand operates 5 outlets around the island with more than 50 hair and scalp specialists and therapists.

TrichoKare continues to update with the most up-to-date knowledge and the latest treatment methods for the best hair and scalp solutions. TrichoKare advocates a holistic approach to hair and scalp care with each customised treatment luxurious and pampering, for an enjoyable experience. Excelling in the conformity assessment of providing consistent standard to its exclusive products and providing exceptional service quality, TrichoKare’s hair and scalp centres have been in service for more than a decade.

TrichoKare believes in the marriage of dietary nutrients from natural food sources, and carefully formulated treatments and products with premium-grade European herbs to achieve beautiful, thick, and lustrous locks that shine from inside out.

Dedicated to unceasing research and progress in its specialised field, TrichoKare strives to maintain as the first choice in improving hair and scalp conditions for sophisticated and discerning individuals; expanding its reach to enhance the image and confidence of more customers island wide.

Through a team of highly-trained professionals, TrichoKare sets high standards for quality service. Awarded with the Certified On-The-Job Training Centre Certificate by ITE in May 2017, this accreditation is an affirmation of the company’s effort in skills training, structured and systematic OJT framework, as well as staff capability development.

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